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Love St Ives? Well, if you do I've made this unique Stained Glass heart suncatcher just for you. It's so unique in fact that this is the only one available in this particular colourway, so you might need to be quick to snap it up.


The heart is made using three separate glass pieces and I've hand painted each individual design in vitreous enamel tracing black paint. This was then fired in my kiln in a time honoured traditional stained glass method, so it won't fade or rub off.  The pieces were assembled and soldered together using another traditional copper foil/lead technique. Quite a time comsuming method!


Hang it in your window in your favourite spot and be reminded of holidays, good times and beautiful beaches, until the next time you come down and see us here. 


Heart measures 13cm x 13cm and is ready to hang. Handmade and hand painted by Sally Carver right here in Cornwall, 


Stained Glass "Love St Ives" Heart - Red, Green and Blue

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