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The Story of St Ives Glass Studio

Sally Carver is the glass artist behind St Ives Glass. Sally started her journey in hot glass back in 1999 and is one of the United Kingdom's leading glass bead artists.

Sally's passion for glass is embodied in our unique little studio situated in a gorgeous little Courtyard called Cyril Noall Square, right in the centre of the wonderful Cornish working harbour town of St Ives, a place world famous for its Art scene.

Sally's signature art glass jewellery is inspired by the endlessly changing seascapes of the rugged Cornish Coast and her unique glass pieces are created by hand in our Cornish home.  In our studio you will find stunning and quirkily unique glass which is simply not available anywhere else. Why not come and pay us a visit and take home a beautiful handcrafted reminder of Cornwall? Or if you can't come and see us, we'd be happy to send you something from our online shop.

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