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What we do

Memorials can be made as jewellery, charms, cufflinks or paperweights. Sally makes everything completely to your requirements, it's a completely individual and bespoke process, and because we're just a tiny company, and don't have big overheads, we are surprisingly affordable. Cremation ashes can now be sent through the post so you don't have to visit us in St Ives, and as Sally only ever makes one order at a time you can be sure that she will handle your order with sensitivity, respect and care.

The Process

Sally takes a small amount of the ashes and combines them into the hot glass where they will form a beautiful and yet strong bond with the glass.  Unlike some resin memorials the glass is very durable, water proof and won't fade or yellow over time. If you don't have any ashes we can also sometimes work with hair or fur.

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