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This two globe hydroponic glass vase is a lovely and practical way to display and house your cuttings collection. Simply fill the globes with water and you can put your cuttings in one place - and get rid off all the small pots and jam jars that cuttings addicts accumulate! This contemporary and stylish vase consists of a sturdy wooden rack, iron poles, and 2 glass bulb vases. The vases are held in place with the tiny rubber rings that allow you to space the vases and keep them from slipping off the metal supports. 


Just fill with water and your favourite cuttings, herbs or even flowers and you're good to go. Careful choice of plants can even mean some will grow roots after a week or so, allowing you to plant them out and propagate on, in fact, a lot of fun can be had finding out which plants like to root and which don't!


You can put this vase in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, window sills  - or anywhere that houseplants can go, making your room more beautiful. A prefect gift for the plant lover in your life.


The stand sits about 10cm in length, 8cm in width and is about 19cm high. Please note - this item comes "flat pack" so there is a little assembly required, but this is very simple. Cleaning the glass is simple - just wipe with a wet cloth - or a small brush like an old toothbrush will clean inside but please clean with care as the glass walls are quite thin.


Please note - unfortunately I cannot supply spare single vases in case of breakage for this item.




Hydroponic Vase - 2 globes on stand

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