This Steampunk whale battleship is truly a sight to behold. Mounted on an intricately designed bronze gear, the intimidating submersible war-machine is designed to wreak havoc to all those her dare stand in her way. The finishing is hand painted to look like antique bronze and brass and this whale is heavily armed and equally well armored. With broadside cannons on the whale's side and heavy artillery canons on its back, this steam powered beast is not to be reckoned with.


The whale's armour features highly detailed studding and welds, with exhaust pipes on its top and side. The viewing hatches placed sporadically throughout this design will make a perfect addition to any fantastical Steampunk collection.


This very detailed statue is made from high quality resin and is hand finished in great detail. The length of the statue is approximately 22.5cm.




Marine Steam Leviathan